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This is literally the best photoset on Tumblr.

^ accurate

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Nerd!Elsa x Anna!AU

Aaaand now I can go to sleep.
Have a nice scrolling! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Wolverine and Cyclops

Created by Afterlaughs

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Had to test a new brush.

Here some Bubbline <3 

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Happy first birthday, Prince George!

“He was very lively, very confident and very sure of himself. He’s a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I’d have to say his dad, William.” - Photographer John Stillwell

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another meme i won’t finish ● {1/10} otps - Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

➝ We’re slayers, girlfriend. The chosen two.

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Watching you get all the attention with the pretty blonde cheerleader.

Not, watching you give all the attention to the pretty blonde cheerleader.

Think about it.

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fuffy + cold colours

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She’s important, isn’t she? This mother.

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SQ AU: Regina keeps helping Emma control her magic. Every day after their training is finished Emma invites Regina for a drink. They fall into an easy friendship that soon becomes more.